My role at Avant was to develop the visual style of the Brand on a newly formed internal brand design team. With Avant's quick growth and several oragnizational changes, this role proved to be quite challenging to develop and also to enforce. During my year at Avant I was able to update the logo, determined official fonts, colors and uses, create icons, establish an illustrative style, develop a brand guide and produced a wide range of design and marketing materials.

Internal collateral and brand promotion

After redesigning the logo for Avant, I also designed the "Avant Impact" logo for employee social outreach, created a mural with illustrative elements and a cityscape, made empoyee t-shirts and posters for around the office.

Out of Home Marketing

A new years campaign was created with examples of use cases for loans, with light-hearted illustrations to accompany the message.

R Conference

Avant needed branding for a gathering of engineers regarding the programming language R. I created a lockup with abstract representations of code along with the Chicago City Scape. We applied our signature illustrative style and brand colors while also creating a look specific to the conference.