As someone who enjoys a fresh rebrand while obtaining a new skillset, I hit the jackpot with Swiftype. My year at Swiftype gave me the opportunity to quickly become a product designer. Laterally designing for both brand and product formed cohesion between our marketing sites and our customer dashboards.

Product Differentiation

Two products using search technology for different purposes, with a different customer base. One product is established, and one product is new. How do we create strong branding for the swiftype ubrella, create strong branding for each product to live under the swiftype name but differentiate them. Cross product collateral and branding could live harmoniously together. Let’s plays with color differentiation, symbolism, mood, tone, typography, product dashboards, etc

Swiftype Site Search

A darker mood was chosen for Swiftype Site Search with rich dark purples and golden sunset accents. We updated the dashboard icons and applied new colors.We reskinned buttons and font so the branding was reinforced when users are utilizing our product.

Reskinning and iterating

Reskinning the dashboard and improving user experiences while adding new features based on customer feedback.

Updating the onboarding user flow

Updating designs for user onboarding and adding a crawler with more explanation and methodical placement of options. I started by calling out all pain points while going through the original user flow.

See my notes here and view improvement below.

Swiftype Enterprise Search

A light airy tone was set for Swiftype Enterprise.

Evolving the illustration style

The illustration style has gone through many iterations until we found the most appropriate match

Demo Tour and findng our style

We found that using illustration and illustrated UI to users who are seeing the dashboard for the first time was a great way to hone in on a style that we can then apply across our brand. The Demo tour gave us the ability to be playful, yet sphisticated.

The Web App - Search Results and Sidebar

Iterating and refining.

The Desktop App for Github - Source Specific Results

Creating optimal viewing for the most important github info